The wonders of lemon water

Good morning!  

As this weekend looks to be a really nice one, with many of you out in the sun, and with swimsuit-wearing holidays in full swing, I thought I'd remind you of the fabulous health benefits of lemon water to help you stay hydrated and healthy! 

By squeezing a couple of fresh lemon wedges into your water you not only make the water taste great (helping you to keep sipping throughout the day) but there are added health benefits, too. 

The acid in lemons helps the body to digest food and helps to prevent joints from getting stiff and painful.  (Watch out for your teeth though and sip your lemon water through a straw whenever possible) The Vitamin C in the lemons will not only boost your immune system, but along with their antioxidants can help to maintain a healthy complexion. For an even better health boost try finely grating half a teaspoon of lemon zest into your glass too. The lemon skin contains more Vitamin C, plus flavonoid limonins - that’s where the detox properties of lemon water come from.

Taking your lemon water warm in the morning can also give your GI tract the push it needs to get things moving and reduce fluid retention.

So, lemon water not only tastes great, but helps you too look great, too!  Do you have any similar ideas, or do you already love lemon water?  

Have a great weekend!