Kettlebell Workout 5 - 15 minute full body workout

Welcome to the penultimate week in this series of kettlebell workouts. We've given you another new format to try so that you can pick your favourite one over the 6 week course and keep it as your go-to home workout whenever you need something speedy.

It's officially 14 minutes long, but I thought I'd give you a whole minute's grace. No fixed rest periods - just go for it!

WARM UP: Approx 4 mins. Pick a short warm up routine that you already know or try dancing enthusiastically to a whole dance track. Alternatively bolt this 15 minute set onto the end of another short workout.

Part A: 1 minute of each exercise

1) Kettlebell around the waist

2) 2 handed swing 

3) Halos

4) Side twists

Part B: 1 minute of each exercise

1) Hip bridge with single arm press (left arm)

2) Alternate hand swing

3) Romanian deadlift with upright row

4) Single hand swing (left side)

5) Lunge single arm row (left side)

Repeat Part B with right hand/side options (or you'll be lopsided!)

COOLDOWN and stretch all muscles worked (so all major muscle groups)